Climate-Controlled Warehouse

We ensure product quality and integrity by inspecting every package and storing inventory in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled warehouse until it is shipped to our buyers.

The Equipment Buying Company

Distribution Network

Unlike traditional brokers and middle-men, we inspect every piece of inventory we buy and store it in a secure, climate-controlled environment. Our customers from around the globe purchase products from our inventory by the each or in boxes depending upon their needs and budgets.

It's time to change the industry's perception. Selling viable surgical supplies and equipment from hospital inventories benefits the facility and other organizations from around the world and their patients.

Buying Surgical Inventory

We are prepared to purchase your surplus supplies “as is.” We take products you may have historically written off and turn them into funds that you can put to better use.


We guide you on how to navigate the concerns and complexities and use our distribution channels for your unused surgical supplies.

We can monetize your surgical supplies before they’re a 100% loss.


We're changing the perception...

Stop writing off your surgical investments.

We focus on buying in-date surgical disposables, orthopedic power equipment and implants from US facilities. We ensure product integrity with standardized quality processes and a temperature controlled warehouse before distributing them to US and Global hospitals, surgical centers, veterinary clinics, and educational facilities, who need the same high-quality products but at a lower price and quantity.

Going Green

We know that tons of surgical supplies end up in landfills every year. By providing alternatives for US Hospitals and Surgery Centers, Ware Consulting LLC and our partners are helping to lower the volume of waste that ends up in our landfills.


We offer a solution for facilities who are not able to afford the manufacturers prices and bulk requirements. Surgical centers, hospitals, and veterinary clinics that only require one product for a single surgery can order from our distribution partners WestCMR or GeoSurgical.